Session 10 – Legacy

Session Ten:  Legacy.  The expanded notion of legacy is discussed meaning more than what you leave materialistically.  The idea of legacy involves who you are, the stories, the values, the hopes, the dreams.  Discuss the desire to leave a trail of some kind that others can view to be inspired, motivated, or to gain insight from.

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Assignment:  Think about and discuss with others what you’d like as your legacy in both the personal and professional arenas of your life.

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Session 9 – Interview with David McCarthur – Unity Minister

Session 9: Interview with David McCarthur – Unity Minister.  The interview involved asking David, a Unity Minister and former environmental lawyer questions about spirituality and business.  David shared the beauty and wisdom of Heartmath. 

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Note:  If you have questions or just want to reach out to him, you can contact David McCarthur at

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Session 8 – Integration and Community Service

Session Eight:  Integration and Community Service.  A look at how we integrate spirituality into our business and into our community.  We looked at concepts of compassion, love, integrity, communicating with honesty, personal and spiritual growth, financial, and providing a healthy vision.

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Assignment:  In the stillness of your own mind, whether on a walk, in the shower, eating lunch, or a formal meditation, begin seeing your ideal business with spiritual principles and concepts flowing in every direction.  What would it look like?  Begin to see the environment you’ve only imagined.

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Session 7 – Finding a Life Balance

Session Seven:  Finding a Life Balance.  The discussion of life balance was brought up for business and life. 

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Assignment:  Brainstorm the areas YOU feel are most important that need to be addressed in living a balanced life both personally and professionally.

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Session 6 – Quantum Physics and Sustainability

Session Six:  Quantum Physics and Sustainability – Quantum physics is briefly explained and the notion of sustainability is discussed.  Sustainability is discussed not just from a business sense in keeping something going, but creating a SUSTAINABLE MINDSET BENT ON GROWING, IMPROVING, HONORING…Spiritual concepts.

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Assignment:  List 10 ways you would begin to create using a quantum physics mindset the changes you would want to see in a spiritual company.

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Session 5 – Transformation

Session Five:  Transformation.   Its place in the new world of spiritualized business were discussed.  The story of the apple in the tree was shared again as it was in previous podcasts.  Transformation was discussed as a concept of growth and change. 

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Assignment: Visualize a new or your existing business structure and if you could make changes that would be seen as spiritual, what would they be?

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Session 4 – Relationships

Session Four – Relationships.  Their value is discussed from a spiritual standpoint.  The ability to connect with all people relating to business is of great value.  Whether they be employees, customers, vendors, or management, looking to enhance the relationship is vital.  Ideas of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, social ways to improve and show value are discussed.

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Assignment:  Look at your current relationships at work and how you might see them from a light of improving them by looking at the various ways to connect

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Session 3 – Communication Traits

Session Three – Communication Traits .  We disucuss the seven communication traits and added the fourth “p” of Personal to the other three “P’s” of People, Planet, and Profit.

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Assignment:  Discuss the idea of spirituality and the seven communication principles amongst friends and co-workers and begin to get a sense if they (business and/or life) are open to this shift.

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Session 2 – Value of Spirituality in Business

Session Two – The Value of Spirituality in Business.  Gave some statistical research on what people are saying about the value of spirituality and business.  You need to be willing to scrap your business mission statement temporarily to entertain a new belief structure of how to treat your company, business, and community. 

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Assignment:  Talk with others about how spirituality, if defined in your own terms, could enhance your business environment.

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Session 1 – Overview

Session 1 – Overview I provide you with my background an credentials.  The discussion centers on the growing trend of integrating spirituality into business.  The problem of lip service and using spiritual language to manipulate our customers was brought up.  We defined spirituality versus religion.

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Assignment:  Begin to think about how spirituality might be integrated into your existing business.

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